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Stormwater Financing 101 is a Course

Stormwater Financing 101

Started Mar 1, 2020

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This course is designed to provide local leaders and their staff with an overview of mechanisms used to sustainably finance a stormwater management program. This introductory level course begins with a five-step process to help you analyze your revenue needs. Cost-saving mechanisms such as asset management, green infrastructure, and regional approaches are introduced as valuable components of a long-term financing strategy. The course walks you through how general funds, bonds and loans, grants, and dedicated revenue streams such as stormwater utility fees can be used to fill funding gaps. Finally, other innovative approaches such as market-based systems that engage the private sector are introduced before the course concludes with the topic of education and outreach and why it is a critical component of any sustainably financed stormwater management program.

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction and Overview (7 min)

Module 2: Defining the Need (11 min)

Module 3: Cost Reducers (12 min)

Module 4: Revenue and Cash Flow Management (10 min)

Module 5: Engaging the Private Sector (10 min)

Module 6: Education and Outreach (10 min)

Course Developers

                          MOST Center

This MOST Center course was developed by the Environmental Finance Center at the University of Maryland.


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Release Date:
August 2016
1 hour
Eligible for:
Certificate of Completion
Includes but not limited to: Local Leaders and Local Government Staff
How to Enroll:


Course Notice: Non-credit courses and Continuing Education Units (CEUs) do not post to the University of Maryland transcript and do not count towards a student's academic record. Neither a grade nor credit is earned. Students do not receive a University ID card and will not be granted access to University facilities such as recreation, transportation, and campus events. Non-credit students may access UMD Libraries as Visitors; see

This is an Office of Extended Studies (OES) administered course.